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Degree in Fine Arts: Painting, from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, where she also completed the Masters in Painting (2012) and Teaching of Visual Arts (2013). In 2020 he completed his PhD in Fine Arts. Since 2019, in addition to being an academic researcher, she is the founder and artistic director of Duplex. Lives and works in Lisbon.

Disruption. Form. Human Condition. His work is built on the border between a rational formalism and a need for psycho-emotional extrapolation that seeks to give a complex and inscrutable meaning to each of his works, exploring what is structural to the poetics of the human condition.

Starting from a personal narrative, but never explicitly biographical, and systematically adapting the work processes, its search is always that of an intimate echo with the observer, making use of a methodological, aesthetic and conceptual investigation of disruptive experiences, such as the failure, paradox, contradiction, conflict.​

Exposições Individuais

Solo Exhibitions


2022 "Parallax", SNBA Galeria de Arte Moderna, (Lisbon, PT)

2022 "(IN)TENSION", showcase NAVE Gallery, (Lisbon, PT)

2021 "Too much light in the dark" NAVE Gallery, (Lisbon, PT)

2021 "A loss of purpose" DUPLEX, (Lisbon, PT)

2020 "Bound to Fail" FBAUL (Lisbon, PT)
2017 "Such an Orange Anxiety" Espaço Cultural Mercês (Lisbon, PT)
2014 “Mother Nature is a Bitch” Palácio Camões (Lisbon, PT)
2013 “Frostbite” Listhús Gallery (Ólafsfirð, IS) 
2013 “Heat Stroke” Open Day Galeria Largo das Artes/Despina (Rio de Janeiro, BR) 
2013 “Et in Arcadia Ego” Casa dos Crivos (Braga, PT)
2012 “Um Embate de Pulsões” FBAUL (Lisbon, PT)

Exposições Colectivas

​Group Exhibitions

>>> 2023 "WANDERLUST", Artes Mota Galiza (Porto, PT)

2022 "(0/1) o zero e o um", MUHNAC National Museum of Natural History and Science, (Lisbon, PT)

2022 "Interstícios" DUPLEX (Lisbon, PT)

2022 “Da Afirmação À Conta Corrente", XXII Bienal de Cerveira curated by Jaime Silva (Vila Nova de Cerveira, PT)

2022 "Present Tense" LAGE EGAL, (Berlim, DE)

2021 "Sine Qua Non" NAVE Gallery, (Lisbon, PT)

2021 "The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back", SWAB (Barcelona, ES)  

2020 ”I Will Take the Risk” Azan (Lisbon, PT)
2020 “Let Us Flop” Duplex (Lisbon, PT)
2017 “Casa Ocupada” (Lisbon, PT)
2017 “It's Liquid Group Show” The Room (Venice, IT)
2014 “O Chiado da Dramaturgia e da Performance: Arte na Esfera Pública”, Carmo Archaeological Museum (Lisbon, PT)
2013 “Landscape Dimension”, Listhús Gallery (Ólafsfjördur, IS)

2013 “Arte Jovem 2013”, Galeria do Paço (Torres Vedras, PT​

2013 “De Santa Apolónia à Saint Lazare”, Instituto Franco-Português (Lisbon, PT)
2013 “ArtRio 2013”, Largo das Artes Gallery. Performance “Die a Little” (Rio de Janeiro, BR)

2013 “Chiado, Baixa e confronto com o Francesismo nas artes e na Literatura”, Teatro São Carlos (Lisbon, PT)
2013 “6x6” Rochester Contemporary Art Center (New York, USA)

2013 “L'air du Chiado a Paris”, André de Gouveia Residence - Gulbenkian Foundation (Paris, FR)
2012 “Mostra Jovens Criadores” Cascais Market (Cascais, PT)

2012 “Master in Painting 2012” Galeria FBAUL (Lisbon, PT)

2011 “Nada em Comum” Banco de Portugal Building (Leiria, PT)

2011 “Exhibition of Finalists of Painting 2010” Palácio Galveias (Lisbon, PT)

2011 “O Chiado, a Baixa e a Esfera Pública – Exposição de Arte Pública” Museu Arqueológico do Carmo (Lisbon, PT)​

2010 “Oriente/Ocidente – Miscigenações”, Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon, PT)  



2021 Project Supersonic Production Scholarship, Atelier Concorde (PT)
2020 Emerging Portuguese Artist selected by EMERGE (PT)

2019/2023 Attribution of Atelier Municipal, Palácio dos Coruchéus of Lisbon City Council (PT)
2015/2019 Individual PhD Scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) (PT)
2013 Scholarship for Artistic Residency, Galeria Largo das Artes/Despina, Rio de Janeiro (BR)
2012 Winner “Young Creators Award: Fine Arts”, CPA (PT)



2021 Supersonic Project Digital Residence – Atelier Concorde, Lisbon (PT)

2013 Largo das Artes/Despina International Residency Programme, Rio de Janeiro (BR)

2013 Listhús í Fjallabyggð Artist Residency, Ólafsfirð (IS)



2020 Artistic project for editorial of DOSE Magazine Nº5


AMBRÓSIO, Daniela - “Portuguese Emerging Art 2019”. Lisbon: Emerge, 2019. ISBN: 978-989-20-9994-1

AA.VV. – “Young Creators 2012”. Lisbon: IPDJ, 2012. ISBN: 978-989-8266-06-04 

BOTELHO, Manuel; ROCHA, Susana – “Painting Finalists 2009/10”. Lisbon: Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, 2011. ISBN: 978-989-8300-16-04

DUPLEX – “Interview: Susana Rocha by Francisca Aires Mateus”. Cycle of Interviews, Duplex. 2021.

SABINO, Isabel – “Master's Theses in Painting 2010/12”. Lisbon: Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, 2011. ISBN: 978-989-8300-44-7



Los Bragales Collection (ES)

Zarur Collection (MX)

Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson, Madrid  (ES)

Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes (PT)

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