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NAVE galeria

Lisbon (PT), 1993

Solo Exhibitions
Group Exhibitions






Teresa Murta - artistic name of Teresa Costa Gomes - studied at – School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, where she completed her degree in Fine Arts. Exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad, currently lives and works in Berlin.

The main theme of her work is the process of painting as a reflex action of the conscious and unconscious - its infinite layers, orders and processes, as well as the confrontation of herself with the void of the canvas. The semi-automatic paintings prove this common place/state between both. This dialogue simultaneously brings to the surface the “subject” (theory), the “feeling” (empathy) and sensation (action) and especially the “how” all are processed and finally delivered as a final image.


Her work is, ultimately, a digestion of reality, of context: time and place - as a result of her own experience of them. Consequently - the imaginary is constantly changing, as is the world around us.

Themes such as: abstraction via decontextualization and the symbiosis and/or contrast between the natural and the artificial have been some of the pillars of her most recent work.

Exposições Individuais

Solo Exhibitions

2022, 'Fishnet' Instituto Camões in Berlin, (Berlin, DE)

2022 "Frozen eggs and wet panties" UHURA Basement (Berlim, DE)

2021 "Whistle, Whistle" NAVE Gallery (Lisbon, PT)

2021 "Airbag" Aldama Fabre + NAVE (Bilbao, ES)

2020 "Poster"  Marvila (Lisbon, PT)

2020 "Absurd" NAVE Gallery (Lisbon, PT)
2019 “Showcase: Rock. My World.” NAVE Gallery (Lisbon, PT)

2019 “Rock. My World.” ArtRoom (Lisbon, PT)
2017 “Vanish“ illustrated exhibition, Verso Branco (Lisbon, PT)
2017 “In>side<Out” Wozen studio (Lisbon, PT)
2016 “Mundo Plano” Palácio Chiado (Lisbon, PT)
2015 “O espaço (irrita) entre as coisas” LX Factory (Lisbon, PT)
2013 “Amonstra” Primeiro Andar Chiado (Lisbon, PT)

Exposições Colectivas

Group Exhibitions

>>> 2023 "WANDERLUST", Artes Mota Galiza (Porto, PT)

2022 "(0/1) o zero e o um", MUHNAC National Museum of Natural History and Science, (Lisbon, PT)

2022 “Da Afirmação À Conta Corrente", XXII Bienal de Cerveira curated by Jaime Silva (Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal)

2022 "Present Tense" LAGE EGAL, (Berlim, DE)

2021 "Sine Qua Non" NAVE Gallery (Lisbon, PT)
2018 “ARTFEM“ Women Artists, 1st International Biennial of Macao Women Artists  (Macao, MA)
2016 “Universo Surreal – Entre o Delírio e o Absurdo” Wozen studio (Lisbon, PT)
2016 “A-B – IMPLOSÃO plataforma de ilustração", Bar Irreal (Lisbon, PT)
2015 “LISBOA 13.2 NE 1/500000", Centro Cultural do Cartaxo (Cartaxo, PT)
2015 “Meet the Nest” MONA (Lisbon, PT)
2015 “Primeiro Banho” Casa da Praia (Lisbon, PT)
2014 “Teaser” Mercearia de Arte (Coimbra, PT)
2014 “SUND Festival” Collective Exhibition of Plastic Arts, Fábrica do Braço de Prata (Lisbon, PT)

2013 “ENTRE PÓLOS” Quintela Palace (Lisbon, PT)



2018 Artefem Biennal of Macau Catalog
2017 IMPLOSION - Vanish de MURTA + room sheet 03



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