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NAVE galeria

Lisbon (PT), 1995

Group Exhibitions



Article 1

Here it is declared that the artwork “This Sign is an Act of Love” is original and authentic.

Article 2

This work cannot be sold or bought. The transition of ownership can only take place by virtue of a full donation, without pecuniary or other counterparts.

Article 3

Ownership of this work only because it is held by a person or entity for a maximum period of 1 year.

Article 4

The owner undertakes to deliver the work to another person of his choice within the respective deadline, however, the new person to whom the work is delivered cannot have received it previously.

Article 5

Whoever offers this work, and whoever receives it, undertakes to notify the author, João Motta Guedes, at the time of its transition, and also undertakes to send a version of this document dated and signed by both parties.

Article 6

In addition to this edition that goes into circulation, there are two artist's proofs.


Article 7

Any damage caused to the work may result in its repair or payment for new work.


Article 8

This document has legal force and its failure to comply may imply due process of law.




João Motta Guedes, explores concepts of freedom, vulnerability, love, justice and violence. His artistic productions reflect on life as a metaphor for a journey where different paths emerge, allowing the discovery and sharing of experiences about the meaning of feeling and being human.


His artistic language appears in plastic media such as installation, sculpture, photography, drawing, written words and poetry, and has a predominantly projectual and experimentalist nature.

Based on a poetic discourse and narratives, it seeks to question the way forward through oniric expressions that elevate the observer to a utopian look at society and life, which result in a comprehensive record of symbolic and metaphorical images that enhance poetry as the awnwser to the formulated questions.


His projects stem from the personal and academic experience that led him to complete his Degree in Law in 2018, and in 2020, the Master’s at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. In 2019, he decided to direct his academic research towards the intersection of the artistic discipline, finishing at 2023 his Masters in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon.


Since 2018, he has been a researcher at the Foundation for Science and Technology in the project “COSMOS – COSMOPOLITISM: justice, democracy and citizenship without borders”.

Exposições individuais

Solo Exhibitions

2023 "How To Live", Galeria NAVE (Lisbon, PT)

2023 "You Came To Start The Revolution", ZDB (Lisbon, PT)

Exposições Colectivas

​Group Exhibitions

2023 "Prémio Arte Jovem 2023", P31 Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa (PT)

2023 "Gémeos falsos", APPLENTOS SQUARE (Lisbon, PT)

2023 "O encantado só anda no horário da maré", curated by Tiago Alexandre, Lisbon (PT)

2023 "Olhos nos olhos", Galeria Graça Brandão, Lisbon (PT)2023  

2023 "O jardim dos caminhos que se bifurcam", Buraco (Lisbon, PT)

2023 "WANDERLUST", Artes Mota Galiza (Porto, PT)

2022 "(0/1) o zero e o um", MUHNAC National Museum of Natural History and Science, (Lisbon, PT)

2022 “Pára, Depára-te”, Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisbon (PT)

2022 “GABA”, Faculdade de Belas-Artes de Lisbon (PT)

2021 “BABEL”, Palacete Burnay Biblioteca de Alcântara, Lisbon (PT)

2021 “O Símbolo de uma Pandemia”, Cisterna da Faculdade de Belas-Artes de Lisbon (PT)

2020 “Como bebe uma flor”, Jardim das Amoreiras, Lisbon (PT)

2020 “Alunos da FBAUL”, Travessa da Ermida, Lisbon (PT)

2020 “Tendas”, Escola Manuel da Maia, Lisbon (PT)

2020 “Pop Up”, Faculdade de Belas-Artes de Lisbon (PT)

2019 “Coexistência e Negociação”, Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães, Cascais (PT)





2020 PRÉMIO DE PINTURA DOS ALUNOS DA FBAUL, Travessa da Ermida, Lisbon (PT)

2020 1º PRÉMIO DE CURTA-METRAGEM SÉNIOR, Prémio Filo-Lisboa “ Quem sou eu neste novo mundo?”, Lisbon (PT)



>>> Jan/Feb/Mar. 2024 GLOGAU AIR, Berlin (DE)

2021 “CHAPIM, Pousio”, Centro de Estudos de Novas Tendências Artísticas (CENTA), Vila Velha de Ródão (PT)

2020 “TENDAS, Base”, MArt Escola de Artes, Lisbon (PT)



Desde 2018, é investigador da Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PT)

2020 – 2022 Membro da Associação “Pousio Arte e Cultura” (PT)


Collection Famille Servais, Brussels (BE)

Coleção de Arte Contemporânea de Joaquim Ferro, Lisbon (PT)

Colecção da Universidade NOVA, Lisbon (PT)

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