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group exhibition

Francisco Correia
João Motta Guedes
José Taborda
La Memória Artística Chema Alvargonzalez

Glogauer Str. 1610999 Berlin (DE)
15.06 __ 29.06.2024

There is a poetic slowness in history, marked by images of strong colours and fascinating shades of black.

Perhaps, because the human being has in his innermost being an air space that seeks perception and the answer to the struggle between perfection and the ephemeral and this perpetual search for complacency, inhabits only in the dream. That imaginary field that projects images, sounds and also powerful emotions.

Maybe it is in the ethereal - as a scenic space of the dream, where we trace an immeasurable extension of ideas and ideologies where we have a voice and a function in a forum full of benevolent theorists who watch over society, capable of hearing, expressing and even calming.

Looking is an act of choice, we only see what we look at - as John Berger wrote in "Ways of Seeing", and this predilection does not tend to achieve the widespread assent of a community, it occurs in any culture or activity, be it artistic, legal, social or political.

It is in this ambiguity of society, between the awareness of voracity and consent, that the poetics of history remains and that two European cities: one geographically peripheral, Lisbon, and the other central, Berlin - although with a temporal interval between historical socio-political events, share the motivation constructed in space and the immateriality of the dream. It is in the panorama of the great metropolis where ideologies that shape contemporary cultures are personified and thread the imperceptible line of a narrative that leads us to consider that to see settles us in the world that surrounds us.

For the exhibition project, A DREAM BROUGHT ME HERE, a group of installation works will be presented in different mediums by Portuguese artists (all of them connected to both or one of the cities, Lisbon and Berlin), dealing with the poetic of dream and the gaze as a deliberate circumstance, sharing the space with the artworks of the Spanish conceptual and multidisciplinary artist, Chema Alvargonzalez, who lived and worked between Barcelona and Berlin, and witnessed in 1989 the historical moment lived in Berlin, documenting it in unique and emotive photographs displayed in this exhibition.

This rhythmic manifestation testimony of history ensures the poetics will not be lost in a present-day community in which looking does not always allow us to see, or to choose.


"Outside, the last swallow stayed until later."

Yannis Ritsos


“The doors had closed, and the only beauty that remained was the grey beauty of the steel that withstands time.

Even the fragrance that could have been felt was left behind, in the land of illusions, of youth, of the fullness of life, where their winter dreams had flourished.”

Francis Scott Fitzgerald in Winter Dreams



Considerable of the dream's fascination lies on its own contradiction. The request of philosophical and poetic determination for its formalization and consequently, a physical and emotional energy to achieve the purpose. There is a demand in our soul when the dream materializes, we unconsciously reformulate the illusion for never be free of the powerful fantasy state of dreaming.


If dreams are a journey (sometimes utopian) who live us to an ecstasy surpassing sensory enjoyment, vision often feeds our imagination with ephemeral images and references, directing us towards the infinitude. Illusion is an incentive in Life because without it, human beings would not be able to question themselves about what is around or even, leave the commonplace. If we witness the social anthropology, the individual has been the instrument in History for the greatest socio-political and economic changes, who started in a set of ideologies encouraged in their origin by the dream, a word by definition poetic and pure.


At A DREAM BROUGHT ME HERE, a project that the three Portuguese artists developed specifically for the group exhibition at GlogauAir's Project Space, the installation works statement the immateriality and perception of dreams in two time-based moments: past and future.

If it’s in the past where the dream is projected and organized as a memory capsule, it is also in the future where persists and is shaped in affinity with the unconscious imagination that adjusts and carries it with its irreducible tendrils through time, until the unexpected culmination. But the dream's greatest incorporeality is unquestionable: its freedom.


On display in the three exhibition rooms, the artists present installations in dialogue with works by the artist Chema Alvargonzalez, all raise the feeling of dreaming using powerful mediums for sensorial enjoyment.

The installations – independently reflecting the artists' language, but also of a collective thought, highlighting in this exhibition the importance of the thought attended by the dream and which guides a freedom historical common denominator that connects two cities: Lisbon and Berlin.


Mercedes Cerón

June 2024


Short Bio Francisco Correia


Francisco Correia (b. 1996 Lisbon, Portugal) Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon and Postgraduated Degree in Curating at FCSH Universidade Nova of Lisboa. Finished his Masters in Fine Arts at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, and in the same year (2022) received “Cas-co Bac Art Award” (BE) which allowed to be in Residency “Off the Grid” at Cas-Co, Leuven (BE). He is also co-founder since 2021 of the collective “aDrogaria”. In 2019 have done the Residency CEAC, supported by EDP Foundation in Vila Nova da Barquinha (PT) and in 2023 the “Impacta” award from the City of Guimarães for artistic creation projects (PT). Writes regularly for exhibitions and has been a regular contributor to the print art edition of UMBIGO Magazine for several years. Since 2017, regularly participates in group exhibitions in Portugal and Belgium. His first solo exhibition “Midlife Crisis” was at Galeria NAVE and in 2024 he will participate in Berlin at the group exhibition “A Dream Brought Me Here” in June, and in September will do a solo exhibition during Berlin Art Week, both exhibitions promoted by Galeria NAVE.


Francisco Correia work has a particular taste for highlighting the absurdity of the invisible systems that agency everyday life in contemporary society. Jobs, economy and extinction (both individual and collective) are oftentimes taken into the realm of fantasy in order to create narratives that operate on the border of reality and fiction. These ideas are mostly bound to an overall focus on storytelling and auto-fiction. Both text and exhibition are guided by narratives that shape the characters and environment in which they take place. In different bodies of work narrative is developed taking into account the specificities of the context and architecture wherein they are presented. This is a key-point to his practice: to see exhibition-making as storytelling. In other words, he aims to create small worlds that through objects and text carry the public through fictional narratives that reflect upon contemporary human condition.




Short Bio João Motta Guedes


João Motta Guedes (b. 1995 Lisbon, Portugal) Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Starts the academic live graduating in Law by the University of Law in Lisbon (PT), participated in the study exchange program Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (BR), and have done the International and European Master in Law by NOVA Faculty of Law in Lisbon, (PT). In 2019 definitely decides to undertake his must deep artistic thought and concepts, that always walk side by side, trough the words and the poetry he wrote during the years, finishing the Master in Painting by the University of Fine Arts of Lisbon (PT). His first solo exhibition “How to Live?” was a installation at the Galleria NAVE and recently at the Municipal Gallery Boavista with the exhibition “No feeling is final”, both in Lisbon (PT). Meanwhile participate in several group exhibitions such as "Prémio Arte Jovem 2023", "Gémeos falsos"at Appleton Square, "The garden of forking paths" at Buraco, "Wanderlust" with the Galeria NAVE at Artes Mota Galiza, Porto and "(0/1) o zero e o um" at the National Museum of Natural History and Science (MUNHAC) in Lisbon, both promoted by Galeria NAVE.


Motta Guedes explores concepts of freedom, vulnerability, love and violence. His artistic productions reflect on life as a metaphor for a journey where different paths emerge, allowing the discovery and sharing of experiences about the meaning of feeling and being human. His artistic language appears in media such as installation, sculpture, photography, drawing, written words and poetry, and has predominantly a projectual and experimentalist nature. Based on a poetic discourse and narratives, it seeks to question the way forward through oniric expressions that elevate the observer to a utopian look at society and life, resulting in a comprehensive record of symbolic and metaphorical images that enhance poetry as the answer to the formulated questions.




Short Bio José Taborda


José Taborda (b. 1994 Lisbon, Portugal) Lives and works between Lisbon, Berlin and New York. Graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon and joined the Fine Arts degree at BAUHAUS-Universität in Weimar.

Taborda participated in the 71st edition of Jeune Creátion at Fondation Fiminco (Paris); FUSO International Videoart Festival at MAAT Museum (Lisbon); New Beginnings, VOGUE Magazine; WIMBA, Steneby Konsthal (Sweden), etc. Also taking part in multiple projects such as Bienal da Maia (Maia); MINA at the National Museum of Natural History and Science; Bauhaus 100th Anniversary edition (Berlin); Paralaxe Observatorio (Porto); Gerador Festival among others. Taborda exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad, with previous solo exhibitions including: Augenblick, Eigenheim Weimar(2023); Faster and Faster, New York (2023); Wing Walking, Eigenheim Gallery, Berlin (2021); 149,597,870 KM in 7 steps, Ocua Gallery (2021); Elástico, Zaratan, Lisbon (2019); Polpa, Graça Brandão Gallery (2018); NOTLÜGEN, Weimar (2017). Selected group exhibitions include; Palmen aus Plastik, Erfurt Kunstmuseum, Germany(2023); FBAUL Awards (2022); Parce qu'on sème, Le 47, Vézelay, France (2022); O Fenomeno, Galeria do Sol, Porto (2022); Fénix, Graça Brandão Gallery (2022); Tracing the Infrathin, Monitor Gallery (2022); Depois do Banquete, Teatro Thalia (2022); Apophenia, Culturgest, Porto (2021); Recent acquisitions of the Norlinda and José Lima Collection, Centro de Arte Oliva, São João da Madeira (2020); From the Lab to the Studio - neue Technologien und Materialien in der Kunst, Eigenheim Weimar (2019); I will take the risk, Azan Studio, Marvila (2019); MATEREALITÄT, Waidspeicher Gallery, Erfurt (2018) among others.


José Taborda challenges the reliability and malleability of perception, cognition and memory through multidisciplinary media. He utilizes immersive or interactive installations to expand preconceived notions about the sensorial system. Through constant research and experimentation with different fields such as mechanics, optics, sound, neuroscience and biology, Taborda is able to materialize his works with a wide-range of technical and material solutions with fewer physical restraints.

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