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group exhibition

Francisco Correia
João Motta Guedes
José Taborda
La Memória Artística Chema Alvargonzalez

Glogauer Str. 1610999 Berlin (DE)
15.06 __ 29.06.2024

© Giulia Gr courtesy of GlogauAir



There is a poetic slowness in history, marked by images of strong colours and fascinating shades of black.
Perhaps, because the human being has in his innermost being an air space that seeks perception and the answer to the struggle between perfection and the ephemeral and the perpetual search for complacency, inhabits only in a dream.

The assessment of the dream's fascination lies on in its own contradiction.
The request of philosophical and poetic determination for its formalization and consequently, a physical and emotional energy to achieve the purpose. There is a demand in our soul when the dream materializes, we unconsciously reformulate the illusion for never be free of the powerful fantasy state of dreaming. If dreams are a journey - so many times idealistic, who live in us to an ecstasy surpassing sensory enjoyment, vision often feeds our imagination with passing images and references, directing us towards the infinitude. Illusion is a Life’s encouragement without it human beings would not be able to question themselves about what is around or even, leave the unexceptional.

Maybe it is in the ethereal - as a scenic space of the dream, where we trace an immeasurable extension of ideas and ideologies on where we have a voice and a meaning in a forum full of benevolent theorists to watch over society, capable of hearing, expressing and even calming. In this ambiguity between the awareness of voracity and consent, the poetic history remains in Lisbon and Berlin, cities who had shared the motivation constructed in a place and the immateriality of a dream.

In “A Dream Brought Me Here”, the installation works of the 90 ́s Portuguese artists generation who their parents lived the 25th of April of 1974 and expressed to then the experience of the transformation and fall over in the new Ultra-Contemporary Portuguese Art. Berlin also, shaped and reinterpreted the artistic look on the 90’s, which was divided by The Wall until 1989.


Different mediums dealing with the poetic of dreaming and the gaze as a deliberate circumstance, connecting with the art works of the Spanish artist Chema Alvargonzalez, founder of this project space and who has lived and worked between Barcelona and Berlin. This reunification of experiences, interpretations, freedoms and artistic languages are a new statement in the regular history rhythm, where the poetics should not be lost in the present society, where watching does not always allow us to see or choose.

Mercedes Cerón, Artistic Director and NAVE’s Founder

“The doors had closed, and the only beauty that remained was the grey beauty of the steel that withstands time. Even the fragrance that could have been felt was left behind, in the land of illusions, of youth, of the fullness of life,

where their winter dreams had flourished.”


Francis Scott Fitzgerald in Winter Dreams

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