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Teresa Murta

in collaboration with Aldama Fabre
Bilbao (ES)

28.1 __ 3/13/2021



The artwork to which Teresa Murta has accustomed us, persists in the figurative modelling of soul elements that presuppose our curious gaze and our own interpretation. These open dialogues between the artist and the work go beyond their solitary moment - "beauty cannot reproduce itself, it must be reproduced" (Jean Lescure), and result in a reflection of astonishment in the viewer.


AIRBAG is an intoxicated statement about the control and acceptance of the unknown, the responsibility of being in charge of a direction that refers to the terrible consternation of the void. Murta suggests to us a dripping of strong surrealistic influence of automatic painting which she identifies as her action painting.


In this dialogue of intuitive experimentation by Teresa, art frees itself from the impositions of logic and reason and goes beyond everyday consciousness, where beauty is a paradox, which arises not only from the gathering of disparate elements, but from the strength of the moments that precede the representation on canvas. She models them in her painting according to her will, through plasticity and transparency, where each layer reflects change and movement and even pause and emptiness, which the artist imposes as a moment of observation. The wonder of Murta emerges from everyday life and is revealed to us without any pyrotechnics.


A world of reflections and essays to create a reality, where yesterday, today and tomorrow are always the present time, the only possible time in Teresa Murta's artwork.


“If everything is real... then nothing is real as well”

The Angriest Dog in the World, 1973 David Lynch.

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