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ARCOlisboa 2024
Opening Section BOOTH OP06
Birte Bosse
Jon Gorospe

Cordoaria Nacional, Lisboa (PT)
23 __ 26.05.2024

© Bruno Lopes



Galeria NAVE's proposal for the Section OPENING ARCO Lisboa, presents the sculpture of the German artist Birte Bosse and the photography of the Spanish Jon Gorospe.


The simple gesture of opening a door and stepping to the other side encapsulates the experience of going out, the move from inside to being outside. When we are inside a space, we are sheltered and protected from the hazards of the outside world, while the outdoors awaits us with an endless array of physical and moral dangers. In the city, its protagonists are uprooted, are mobile characters, unable to be otherwise, as the outside, without roofs or walls, can hardly serve as a domicile for anything. As the same way, the outdoors holds for us an infinity of surprises, interactions, and encounters with the unknown that enrich our existence. From the intertwining of what challenges or challenges us, opportunities for exploration and discovery arise. That's when Nature appears and shows us how strong she is, showing us a clear and simple demonstration of determination. However, the insane consumption of living in the moment results in a dreamy simplicity, but also ethereal, where air, the freedom without fences and a simple drawn of forms and fluidity, shows our ghosts are images and forms created from freedom and interpretation according to the perspective of our viewpoint.


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