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Monica Mindelis

Modern Art Gallery
National Society of Fine Arts

28.9 __ 10.21.2021



The work that Mónica Mindelis presents in the series ENTRETANTO, reflects the impossibility of accessing a past time, other than through memory and perception of the common relationship between art and our own existence.


The spirituality of time is explored by the unique language that the artist explores, through the association of a woven fabric between the paintings and the installation of a series of objects engraved in plaster. An intention is revealed beyond the acts and symbols, symptoms of what is beyond the printed line, an invitation to encounter the interior of the work, seducing the viewer's eye to an approximation. Between the paintings and the objects there is a glimmer of similarity, they seem to be made of the same material, the same intimacy and the same mystery, they create concern for the material, for the scale, they are flowerings of the symbol of the mystery of our spirit.


The organicist dimension of ENTRETANTO printed on dull surfaces, and in compositions that move around fullness and emptiness are the materialisation of an idea that summons concepts of philosophical and artistic tradition - body and spirit, image and reminiscence, doer and demiurge - transposing the idea of the fragment, as a category that evokes the universal and the absent, a constant becoming. The suspension of time and the restlessness that the work provokes in us serenely explore the possibility of suspending chronological and corporeal existence.


In this series of works, the artist adds a formalism to her narrative through a new device that brings together the different layers of her painting, but that subdues the intensity of the poetics that she intends to show the viewer.




"Great are the deserts and everything is desert"  

Álvaro de Campos

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