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Teresa Murta

5.3 __ 20.6.2020







This is the dialogue of Teresa Murta, who in the form of a lecture of pictorial representations and images that go beyond reality, caresses our sensitivity.


Murta, with her painting, confuses us through emotions driven by misshapen representations, in incongruous and disturbing forms, but with a vigorous daily identity. Without changing or distorting reality, it also does not interpret it, nor is it the expression or extension of itself.


Her work is the vivacity of a non-reality, of a universe of what is not, which develops through the freedom of her stroke directly on the canvas, without a preconceived sketch or script, in a sensory symphony impregnated by the surrealism where dreams predominate. A metaphysical painting that leads us into a mysterious dreamlike environment with enormous symbolism.


Facing Teresa Murta's work is a plunge into a world where the reality of simple and pure things is contaminated by the thought that lives in our eyes.


The work exposed in ABSURDO is possibly the most eloquent transition in Teresa Murta's career. Perhaps absurdly because it is the most emotional and the most moving - When we start to open our eyes to the visible, we had long been attached to the invisible - as the poet D’Annunzio would say.

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