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Teresa Murta


Zimmerstraße 55/56

10117 Berlin

13.09 __ 04.10.2022

Internal and external


There is a belief that the world is, in its essence, indifferent and impenetrable in relation to human attempts to discover its deepest reason. The individual struggles to find meaning in a meaningless world and in simultaneity, emphasizes the epistemic inability of reason to penetrate and understand reality.


This collision between an internal component belonging to human nature, and an external component belonging to the nature of the world, persists in the human being who lives her existence in search of her essence, her meaning, and finds a disconnected and unintelligible world as in " Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus.


The search for meaning, unity and clarity as an eternalization of a task - a paradox of modern life, which Teresa Murta presents in “Fishnet” as a pictorial diary, a visual and affective barometer of her experience in the last twelve months in Berlin, is perpetuated in her paintings as a record of an emotional, intuitive and free process, loaded with enormous epistemological scepticism. Although, however, the spectator interprets the explosive shapes and spots with serenity - as if there was a complicit understanding with the artist, due to the absurdity of experimenting with similar references, because at some point or place, the imaginary touches and meets. The moment when thought denies the truths that the hands can touch, the moment when the internal is not nonsense: but only taken seriously.


From the mental and poetic figuration of the meaning of fishnet, and the cognitive symbolism, Murta guides the viewer through his artistic process of sealing and uncovering images, actions and choices, facing the possibility that everything can have a meaning even if it is merely factual.

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