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Arturo Álvarez

11.28.2019 __ 1.18.2020



Light and things belong together and every place has its light. The sky is the origin of light and the earth its manifesto on. Always the same and always different, light reveals what is.

Christian Norberg-Schulz


Light allows us to see what is around us, it is light that makes visual perception possible. Without it the world would have no shape, no colour, no life. The concise perception of the body, the earth, the space and the cosmos, which comes from a sensuality of realistic inclination and which goes beyond the outer reality itself, is the open interpretation of the stimulus of Arturo Álvarez's work. With his hands he shapes affections, counteracting linearity, conceives brightness by shading tones, watches the contrast between light and shadow, and sketches a tangible and concrete reality by idealizing images. An exercise of monumentality through perfectly metaphysical forms, ruled by silence and light, order and time.


Iterations and identities, series of synopses of opposites, expressed in immediate sensory images that come from, or provoke, visual emotion of light and shadow - this is Arturo Álvarez's O ALVORECER DAS CONVERSAS.


At the meeting of the classical orders of sculpture, he celebrates the relief of spirituality and divinity in an anthropomorphic form, which directs his work towards a singular oratory of art. Arturo recites verses of commotion around life in an aesthetic set design, where the canons of the painting express themselves through the admission of light, as if it were a chiaroscuro, the sfumato in the luminous flux gradient, the cangiante of tones and the unione of the timbre of colour.


"We must start with the immeasurable, and in the production process pass to the measurable"

Louis Kahn, 1962

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