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Thalita Hamaoui

25.6 __ 8.8.2020



The diversity of Thalita Hamaoui's world is expressed by her works emphasizing the verticality of a plant life, as a cathartic experience that purifies spiritual externalization and transports us to a tropical baroque. Her dexterity in pictorial language, opposing organic forms to rigid cinematographic style geometry, goes beyond the limits of reality that carries emotional objectivity.


The use of vibrant colours recalls the supernatural of Hamaoui's personal vision of the world, in a Fauvism style balanced between purity and serenity, devoid of disturbing themes, suggesting in its lines the textures and continuity of the elements drawn, submerged in impulsiveness and experimentation.


A BORDA DO MUNDO is the planning of a nature that embraces us and welcomes us as part of it, in an orphist manner, using the pure colours of artistic expression and applied according to the principle of simultaneous contrast that envelops us in a lyrical and rhythmic melody of heartbeat, the rhythm of Thalita Hamaoui.


"Nature is nature, not poetry. It is her reaction on the character of some beings that produces poetry" - Pierre Reverdy.

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