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Valentim Quaresma

10.25 __ 11.23.2019



When we look at contemporary artistic production, it seems evident that artists use the means and materials that are available, reaching a spiritual dimension that is understandable to be freely explored. There is an organic relationship with the construction of the work, as a choice and decision in a perspective of spontaneous creation.

The growing maturity of Valentim Quaresma's work, as a sculptor of spirituality, is not hostage to a model or process in the way of doing things. On the contrary, what we find is a sequence of materials that have a strong presence in his artistic path, which lead us to find key points that build his vocabulary, language and signature. One of the constant aspects in Valentim's work is the systematic application of the object outside its use, which is unusual, as a transmutation of progressive consciousness in which the symbolic transposes the phenomenon into an idea, and the idea into an image.

In MANIFESTO, the master craftsman's timeless sculptural work, aims at the cosmovision of a descriptive ontology of the world, as a cognitive orientation of an individual in a given space-time regarding everything that exists, in a singular and individual way.

The transmutation of consciousness refers to the romantic revivalist spirit of avant-garde medievalism and aesthetic sensibility, thanks to the subtlety of beauty in all aspects of sensitive reality, recognizing the invincible attraction of beauty.


Valentim Quaresma's work is an aesthetic allegory of the interpretive effort to admire beauty, as in the Latin pulchrum - beautiful in itself.

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