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Fatima Moreno

29.5 __ 6.30.2019



Onomatopoeias commonly used in comics. A form of language that conveys the action, and portrays its effect or just its development.

POWW!... is a series of paintings on canvas, by Fátima Moreno (under the pseudonym Fatimorri), created in the spring of 2018.

The sound that produces a loud knock, a bang, a kick at the door. Destroying an imaginary barrier, to conquer a new path with courage (the same one that is necessary to haunt fears), was like the passage from paper to canvas, from small to large format. The title is a reference to the creative process itself, more than to the content of the work.

CRASH is the series of drawings made a year later, in the spring of 2019. Convalescent drawings, more introspective and deformed, in which abstract symbolism prevails. In both series the same protagonist imaginary, under the influence of a different atmosphere.

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