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Maud Téphany

10.9 __ 10.24.2020



NOMEN DUBIUM exhibits biomorphic sculptural ceramic pieces with organic references to living beings and nature, combined with geometric language of singular shapes, which resist an adjectivation.


These narrative fragments are born from an instrumental reason that from the formal aspect, emphasizes the non-reference to an objective content. Instead of the objects being conceived with a natural form, they are represented only by a subtle visual suggestion. The uniqueness of each piece stimulates the dialogue between the sculptural objects, awakening in the viewer a itransitive message.


The appeal of colours, the shapes that reveal the expressiveness of Maud's clay and the paradox of the intersection of shapeless geometry, project a parallel between traditional ceramics and sculptural moulding. 


In this series of ceramic pieces, Maud Téphany expresses her ability to reinterpret pre-established orders, gravitating around two fundamental themes in art and more particularly in ceramics: the organic world, and the human figure. 

"You were created by the sages; return to the dust."

Rav Zeira “The Golem”

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