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Ignacio Goitia
Eduardo Sourrouille

17.6 __ 7.23.2021



A theatre.

Black cube.

Empty stage.



An old bench illuminated by a ray of light. Next to the bench,

a flagpole with a yellow flag.

Noise of the sea.

Song of seagulls.


Eugénio Griffero (1936- 201), Argentinian writer, Molière Award "Príncipe Azul”


Ignacio Goitia and Eduardo Sourrouille are the personification of the intonation of a visual sonnet.


The plasticity of the work presented in PRÍNCIPE AZUL, portrays the fond friendship and shared trajectory of two artists, who although coming from different disciplines, complete a fluent narrative of a dialogue between two, with reference to moments, scenarios and diverse pictorial memories that inevitably position the shy spectators before a stage.


If the exhibition were a Petrarchian sonnet, the stanza that welcomes us at the entrance would be a quartet of vitality and majestic spirit, while in the other room of the exhibition, a tercet evokes satire and elegy through an irreverence of beauty and tolerance. Ignacio and Eduardo transport to Lisbon three decades lived on the Euskadi shore as an interpretation of a romanticism that subliminally shows us a banquet of emotional comfort and artistic order.

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