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Fábio Colaço
Jon Gorospe
Mónica Mindelis
Susana Rocha
Teresa Murta

11.11 __ 22.01.2022

© Jon Gorospe



SINE QUA NON is a testing ground for the diverse expressions of the artists Fábio Colaço, Jon Gorospe, Mónica Mindelis, Susana Rocha and Teresa Murta.


The proposal of this project room offers the composition of a common place of thought to the coexistence of individual and collective interpretations, where the space for reflection and perception is enhanced. The emphatic use - as a synonym of any condition that we wish to mark as fundamental for a given circumstance to occur - relativizes the imposition and exponentiates the objective.


The hyper-development of artistic expression, is a declaratory way of experiencing the world as an aesthetic phenomenon. But only a particular form arises in reaction to an oppressively dogmatic style of realism, and all language - that is, all art - proclaims this. If the world (everything that exists) is ultimately an aesthetic phenomenon, the world cannot ultimately be justified. Justification is an operation of the mind, which can be understood only when we consider one part of the world in relation to another - and not when we consider all that exists. 


This exhibition is a celebration of the meeting of the formal diversity of the gallery's artists and pays homage to the observer with an unsettling simplicity without which, it cannot be. The tacit complicity between the singular discourse and the reading of the collective, expresses an exhibition of five voices that calls for the search for poetic truth.

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