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Lisbon (PT), 1996

Solo Exhibitions
Group Exhibitions





Francisco Correia work has a particular taste for highlighting the absurdity of the invisible systems that agency everyday life in contemporary society. Jobs, economy and extinction (both individual and collective) are oftentimes taken into the realm of fantasy in order to create narratives that operate on the border of reality and fiction.


These ideas are mostly bound to an overall focus on storytelling and auto-fiction. Both text and exhibition are guided by narratives that shape the characters and environment in which they take place. In different bodies of work narrative is developed taking into account the specificities of the context and architecture wherein they are presented. This is a key-point to his practice: to see exhibition-making as storytelling.


In other words, he aims to create small worlds that through objects and text carry the public through fictional narratives that reflect upon contemporary human condition.

2020-2022 Master in Fine Arts, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (BE)
2019 Postgraduate course in curatorial studies, FCSH Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT)
2014-2018 Bachelor in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (PT)

Lives and works between Brussels and Lisbon.

Exposições Individuais

Solo Exhibitions

>>> 2024 September, 6th "No Stress" Super Bien, Berlin (DE)

2024 "MIDLIFE CRISIS" Galeria NAVE, Lisbon (PT)

Exposições Colectivas

Group Exhibitions

2024 "A DREAM BROUGHT ME HERE", curated by NAVE, GlogauAir, Berlin (DE)

2024 "BE MY GUEST" curated by NAVE, Galeria NAVE, Lisbon (PT)


2023 "CHARLIE" Liège (BE)

2023 "Light out of the prism", Duplex, Lisboa (PT)

2023 "Técnico Oficial de Contas", Airbag, Lisbon (PT)

2023 "WANDERLUST", curated by NAVE, Artes Mota Galiza Porto, (PT)

2023 “Os Fatais”, with Manuel Fonseca, Guimarães Project Room, Museu de Alberto Sampaio, Guimarães (PT)
2023 “Double Minutes #5”, conversation/reading with Natajsa Mabesoone, VROOM, Brussels (BE)
2022 “aFe
sta”, aDrogaria with Inês Neto dos Santos, Beatriz Chagas and Nuno Pires. aSede, Porto (PT)
2022 "Graduation
Show", Luca School of Arts, Brussels (BE)
2022 “A friend in CC”, part of Art Anderlecht organized by KOMPLOT, 8-Track, Brussels (BE)
2022 “Making Sense of
What We Do”, with Elias Driesen, Brussels (BE)
2022 “Depois do banquete”, Teatro Thalia, Lisbon (PT)
2021 “Something has got to give”, Duplex AIR, Lisbon (PT)
2021 “Concreto e Particular”, Curated by Carolina P. Fontes, Casa do Capitão, Lisbon (PT)
2021 “Sunday Roast”, by Judith Geerts, Brussels (BE)
2021 "Open Studios 8-Track", Studio City Gate, Brussels (BE)
2020 “Ohm”, FORMER projectspace, Brussels (BE)
2020 “I will take the risk, AZAN /
Thomaz Hipólito Studio” Lisboa (PT)
2019 "FBAUL Painting Degree Show 18/19", Lisbon (PT)
2019 “Jet Lag”, Lumiar, Lisbon (PT)

2019 "Mina", with Carolina Lino, Joana Siquenique, João Garcia, João Rosa and José Taborda. National Museum of Natural History and Science of Lisbon (PT)
2017 “3 . Casa da Dona Laura”, curated by Francisca Aires Mateus, Lisbon (PT)
2017 “Viga Goiva Maço”, Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon (PT)
2017 "Paula Rego Prize", Casa das Histórias, Cascais (PT)



2024 Young Artists Altice Foundation "Sort List" (PT)

2023 Impacta, Município de Guimarães - granted for the exhibition Os Fatais with Manuel Fonseca (PT)
2022 Cas-co Bac Art Award (BE)
2021 Criatorio-Plaka - granted for one year long programme with the collective aDrogaria in Porto (PT)



2023 Off the Grid, Cas-Co, Leuven (BE)
2019 “CEAC” (Centre for Studies in Contemporary Arts) supported by the EDP Foundation, Vila Nova da Barquinha (PT)



Co-founder of the collective “aDrogaria” which between 2021 and 2022 programmed several exhibitions and artistic events at aSede, in Corujeira (Porto, PT), with the support of Plaka – Criatório.

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