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He studied at the School of Art ID·Arte of the Higher University of Design in Euskadi (Spain) and at the University of Arts in Vilnnius (Lithuania).

As a large part of the new European approach to photography, his work has been recognized by various public and private institutions, such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim (USA), the Sasakawa Foundation (Japan & Scandinavia) and Futures Photography (European Creative Program).

Gorospe has exhibited in several countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Slovakia, Norway, Russia and Singapore. Among which, he has participated in group and individual exhibitions at leading Art Institutions such as el Cent-Quatre in Paris, the Mattatoio Museum in Rome, the Nogueira da Silva Museum in Portugal, the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid or the Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo.

Part of his most relevant work focuses on the study and approach to the anthropized landscape. Developed several series on this theme such as Polished Cities (2018, in process), Noraezean (2020), Metropolis (2018-2019) or Environments (2014-2016).

In recent years, he began to carry out various public installation works, such as his last intervention commissioned by the Asker City Council (Norway) “The Many Skies”.

Gorospe combines his work as an artist with the study and understanding of the image from a theoretical point of view, where he develops as a curator several artistic projects and the direction of photography festivals.

Lives and works between Spain and Norway.

Exposições Individuais

Solo exhibitions


2022, KB Contemporary, Oslo (Norway). 

2022, The Spot, NAVE Gallery, Lisbon (Portugal). 
2021, Polished Cities, 28Piazza Di Pietra, Rome (Italy). 
2021, Noraezean, PhotoEspaña, Sala del Embarcadero, Santander (Spain).

2020, De Magnete, Aldama Fabre Gallery, Bilbao (Spain).
2020, Noraezean, Romo Cultural Center, Getxo (Spain).
2020, The Many Skies, Public commission, Asker (Norway).
2019, Metropolis, CC Montehermoso, Vitoria (Spain).
2019, De Magnete, UFCA Galería, Algeciras (Spain).
2018, De Magnete, 28 Piazza Di Pietra Gallery, Rome (Italy).
2018, Environments, Headquarters Afundación Gallery, Vigo (Spain).
2018, Environments, Headquarters Afundación Gallery, Ferrol (Spain).
2018, Half Way There, Galleri Balder, Oslo (Norway).
2018, Environments, Headquarters Afundación Gallery, A Coruña (Spain).
2017, Environments. Ourense Municipal Museum, Galicia (Spain).
2017, N. Mountains. BegiraPhoto, Durango (Spain).
2017, Environments. Encontros Da Imagen, Braga (Portugal).
2016, Environments. “Galicia Contemporary Photography Award”, Lugo (Spain).

2016, Almost Black. Vault Studios, Bergen (Norway).
2016, Le Project Amateur. Montehermoso Cultural Center, Vitoria (Spain).
2015, Velocidad de las windows. BegiraPhoto, Durango (Spain).
2015, Almost Black. Amárica Room, Vitoria (Spain).
2014, Environments. Montehermoso museum, Vitoria (Spain).
2014, Almost Black. BilboArgazki festival, Fnac Bilbao (Spain).

Exposições Colectivas

Group Exhibitions

>>> 2023 "WANDERLUST", Artes Mota Galiza (Porto, Portugal)

2022 "(0/1) o zero e o um", MUHNAC National Museum of Natural History and Science, (Lisbon, Portugal)

2022, OSLO NEGATIV fotofestival Oslo (Norway)

2022, “Da Afirmação À Conta Corrente", XXII Bienal de Cerveira curated by Jaime Silva (Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal)

2022, "Basque artist program 2015-2019" 25 Years of Guggenheim Museum(Bilbao, Spain)

2022, "Present Tense" LAGE EGAL, (Berlim, Germany)

2021, Sine Qua Non, NAVE Gallery, Lisbon (Portugal). 
2021, KB Contemporary. Oslo (Norway). 
2021, Oslo Negative Oslo (Norway).
2021, REV Ocean, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal (Norway).
2020, Futures 2020, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (Spain).
2020, The Climate Change in 50 Rounds, Oslo (Norway).
2019, Østlandutstillingen 19, Kongsberg Kunstforening, Kongsberg (Norway).

2019, Vårutstillingen 19, Fotogalleriet, Oslo (Norway).

2019, USSC, Nordic Light Festival, curated by Uncertain States Scandinavia, Kristiansund (Norway).

2019, Distance of everything video show. Curated by Mesen & Javier Barrios, Oslo (Norway).
2018, Planning Future. Atelierhaus im Anscharpark, Kiel (Germany).

2018, Environments. Singapore International Photography Festival, (Singapore).
2018, Environments. Circulation(s) festival, CentQuatre, Paris (France).
2017, Environments. Høstutstillingen 2017, Oslo (Norway).
2017, Environments. “Nothing Left”, Galileo Cultural Center, Madrid (Spain).
2017, “Un Cierto Panorama” Spanish New Photography, Canal de Isabel II, Madrid (Spain).

2016, Environments. “Aquí y Ahora”, Blanca Soto Art Gallery, Madrid (Spain).

2016, Environments. “Echoes of Eco”, Sochi (Russia).
2014, Diary of a tour. Opera house, Vitoria (Spain).
2012, Almost Black. “Tetra Pack”, Culture House. Vitoria (Spain).

2011, Live in Bars. Kutxa bank gallery, Vitoria (Spain).




2021, Second Prize in Ankaria Foundation International Photography Award.
2021, Kulturrådet Assistant Programm for Javier Barrios, (Norway).
2020, Part of Futures Photography, invited by PhotoEspaña, Amsterdam (Netherlands).

2020, Kulturrådet Assistant Programm for Javier Barrios, (Norway).
2019, Grant of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, basque artist program, New York (USA).
2019, Grant from Sasakawa Foundation (Scandinavia-Japan).
2019, Selected for Vårutstilling. Fotogalleriet, Oslo (Norway).
2019, Selected for OØstlandutstilling. Norway.
2018, 2nd winner in Emergin Talents. Rome (Italy).
2018, Selected for Planning Future 2018 - Videoart, Kiel (Germany).
2018, Selected for Singapore International Photo Festival, (Singapore).
2018, Grant from Montehermoso Cultural Center, Vitoria (Spain).
2018, Shortlisted in Athens Photo (Greece).
2018, Winner of the Mondo Galería Award, (Spain).
2017, Selected for Circulation(s) Festival 2017, Paris (France).
2017, Selected for Høstutstillingen 2017, Oslo (Norway).
2017, Winner of the BegiraPhoto Creation Award, (Spain).
2017, Honorable mention in Mondo Galería Award, Madrid (Spain).
2017, Second prize in Fotoarte, Vitoria (Spain).
2016, Winner of the Galicia Contemporary Photography Award.
2016, Selected for “Aquí y Ahora” by Blanca Soto Arte Gallery, Madrid (Spain).
2014, Selected for Hombre fantastic, Madrid (Spain).
2014, Grant from Montehermoso Cultural Center, Vitoria (Spain).
2013, Exchange program scholarship, (Malta).
2013, Photojournalism grant from SantaMaria de Albarracin foundation, Teruel (Spain).
2012, Exchange program scholarship, (Lithuania).
2012, Selected for Tetrapack Young Photographers, Vitoria (Spain).
2011, 3rd Prize in photojournalism award Periscopio, Vitoria (Spain).




>>>2022, Curator of Oslo Fotobok Festival (Norwegian Photography Now). Oslo (Norway).

2020, Director of Viphoto Fest, (Spain).
2019, Director of Viphoto Fest, (Spain).
2018, Director of Viphoto Fest, (Spain).

2018, Curator in “Tetrapack” youth artist exhibition, at Sala Amarica, Vitoria (Spain).
2017, Curator in “Gazte Klik Klak youth artist convocatory&exhibition, Vitoria (Spain).
2017, Curator in “Meanwhile” exhibition, DokFestivalen, Fredrikstad (Norway).
2017, Curator in “Norwegian Hallucinations”, Galerie Espen Artdenor, Cannes (France).
2017, Conference “Environments, A System of Beacons” Contemporary Center of Photography, Bilbao (Spain).

2016, Writing collaboration with Agora Photobook Magazine, Granada (Spain).
2016, Curator in “Norwegian Hallucinatios”, Gallery 28 Pietra, Rome (Italy).
2015, Conference “Metrolopolis, the artist in the city”, Monteheroso Cultural Center, Vitoria (Spain).
2015, Exhibition designer in “Norwegian Hallucination”, Canoe Studios, New York (USA).

2015, Curator in “Penobscot 44/68”, Montehermoso museum, Vitoria (Spain).
2014, Conference at Fnac (Bilbao), BilboArgazki Festival, Bilbao (Spain).
2014, Curator in Diary of a tour project, Gauekoak & Opera House, Vitoria (Spain).




Rev Ocean Collection (Norway)

Ankaria Fundation (Spain)

UFCA Collection (Spain)

Samfunnshus Røa (Norway)

County of Asker (Norway)

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